"Гараж или Культура?"

What do we have here? Our first (ZL-001) release - a two-part-selection of bands and artists from the city called Omsk (except a couple of acts from Tara) - a little town in Siberia. The stuff is really diverse and good, we must prepare our sensitive ears for noisy punk, digital hardcore, emoviolence, harsh-noise, drone, post-metal, lo-fi and ambient. Compilation consists of two parts. First part stands for a classic (if we may say it here) way to elicit sounds - drums, guitars, vocals; the second one is mostly: drones and landscapes, something to blow your mind. An archive contains full-sized cover-art and bands' contacts (if they have some). The title of the compilation comes from a collage on a cover, which was made by using an old local soviet newspapers.

Bands: Йоdъ, Spine TV, Пылеsos, After Eight, It Isn't Bennings, Booby Mason, Venerar, Chaos Reunion, Dozelimit, Samantha Smith, Prokin & Shnaider, Potolok V Gutaline, Larva.

[this is a free web-release]

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